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How To Fix Rundll32.exe Errors

The reasons behind rundll errors are numerous and intriguing. Where do they come from? What are they? How do I get rid of them? These are all very good questions to ask. Unfortunately, no simple answers exist.

Rundll errors can originate from a number of sources including viruses, buggy software, spyware, or drive errors. A faulty installation, one that has not been completed or did not install properly, can also be at the root of the problem. Moreover, an uninstall of a program that has been performed incorrectly or incompletely may also be the cause of rundll errors. Additionally, undetected spyware may be responsible for the rundll errors occurring on your computer.

A rundll32 error is often caused when Windows attempts to load a file but is unable to do so. A message indicating that a rundll error has occurred usually appears on the computer screen. Whenever Windows cannot load a file because it cannot locate it, a rundll error has occurred.

In order to solve the problem, it is often necessary to go through a series of possible solutions or fixes to the problem. The first and most basic step is to do a simple reboot of your computer. If this does not seem to solve the problem, continue to the next possible fix.

If the rundll error has occurred because of a faulty uninstall, the next thing to do is to completely redo the uninstall. How do you know if this is the problem? Actually, you don't, but you can consider it, if you recently attempted to uninstall a program. To uninstall the program again, you will first need to reinstall it. Now, carefully perform a new uninstall of the program. If this solves the problem, you are in the clear. If not, continue troubleshooting.

If you have an up to date anti-spyware application, run it now. Since spyware, adware, and malware are constantly evolving into newer and more insidious versions, it is extremely important to maintain a current version. If the rundll errors continue to occur, attempt to do a clean boot.

Complete the following steps in order to perform a clean boot on your computer.
  • Click start to open the menu.
  • Click run.
  • Type 'msconfig' in the input field.
  • Click ok. The System Configuration Utility should open.
  • Once the System Configuration Utility opens, choose the selective startup option by clicking in the small circle in front of it. Deselect all but one choice listed below it. It doesn't matter which one, because you will need to do this until you have covered each one of the choices.
  • Click ok.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Once this process identifies the item that is at the root of the rundll problem, you move to the next step. Select the tab at the top of the System Configuration Utility Window that corresponds to the item that has been identified.
  • Deselect all but one of the choices below the tab.
  • Reboot your computer. If the computer reboots without any problems, continue the process of elimination. Deselect different scenarios until you identify the problem. Reboot.
  • Once you identify the problematic item, you are finished with this procedure.
If your Rundll32.exe error is related to your system registry, then try fixing it with RegCure.

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