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Microsoft Outlook Express is a popular email program that has widespread usage. Like any program, files in Outlook Express can become corrupt due to power surges, viruses, malfunctioning hard drives, and other outside forces.

Is Outlook Express running extra slow? When you switch folders, is the performance sluggish? Are you receiving errors such as "Msimn caused an exception C0000006h in module Directdb.dll"? These are all signs of minor corruption. Your Outlook Express program hasn't completely crashed yet but the potential is there. You can take some preventative steps to ease the risk and increase the performance of your email program while repairing problems.

First, go to the File menu and choose Work Offline. This is so that no new messages arrive and interrupt the process. Go to the Folder list and click on Outlook Express so that you don't have any email folders open. Next, close the Folder List by clicking the X in the right hand corner.

Go to the File menu, choose Folder, and then choose Compact All Folders.

The number of folders you have and how many emails are stored will affect the time it takes to compact your files. You should let this process run without using your PC for other tasks. Compacting folders should increase performance and repair minor errors.

Once the compacting is complete, you should notice that Outlook Express is much zippier than before. When you switch folders, the contents should be displayed in a much faster manner. If you have large amounts of email, you'll want to compact folders on a regular basis. Don't forget to click File and clear the Work Offline function so that you can go back online.

When folders become too large, performance also suffers. Use a system of folders so that you have several small folders instead of one large folder. Not only does this minimize your risk for corruption, your emails will be better organized and easier to find.

In addition to corruption, accidental deletion of emails is increasingly common because users are inundated with SPAM. Users who are busy deleting spam in bulk could easily accidentally delete important emails that are buried among the messages touting home mortgages, pharmaceuticals, and online gambling sites.

What you may not realize is that even if you've emptied the "Deleted items" folder, these emails can be recovered if you have the right tools.

No matter how your emails got damaged, either through corruption or deletion, you can repair outlook express mailboxes and they can be recovered. In order to recover your Outlook Express email messages that have been deleted or have become corrupt, you will need a software solution designed for the job.

First let's look at how Microsoft Outlook Express works. Outlook Express stores its data in files called DBX files. All of your Outlook Express folders have their own DBX file. For example, the inbox has a related DBX file named inbox.dbx. These folders are then stored in another master folder called the Store folder. As discussed above, if you create a system of folders, you will have a system of DBX files.

The Store folder is a hidden system folder buried deep within your Windows operating system. The reason this file is hidden is simple, to keep users from messing with it.

Data recovery software designed for Outlook Express will scan these files and recover them. One such program is Recover My Email for Outlook Express. This program is designed specifically to deal with DBX files and recover them. You can easily and efficiently recover deleted emails as well as their attachments even if they were emptied out of the Deleted Items folder.

This program allows you to see the emails that it can recover. If you like what you see, you can register the product and recover your previously vanished email - like magic!

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